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Custom Floral

This is a sample of the different types of floral bouquets from our portfolios of Brides of the years!


Unsure of what style is for you? Check out our Blog, for insights on choosing your Bouquet.

Thinking you may not need a totally custom bouquet? Are you a simple Bride, getting married at City Hall, a backyard, or at the beach? Micro Wedding? Check out our on line Floral Cart! You will find a large selection of our Signature Bouquets.

A brand  new way to buy your bouquet! Simply look at the available design styles, choose from the color options.

Image by Leidy & Josh Fournier
Image by Paul Postema
Image by alvin matthews

Floral Designs For Any Occasion

We want all of our clients to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Flowers in Design. 

We provide a free consultation, Please call to schedule an appointment

If you are not sure if you need custom floral, check out our Signature Design section, you may find just what you want!

What to expect? Book a consultation on line, or contact us. Next: we meet you in person, and do our best to work around your schedule!

When are your Consultation Days?

Consultation days are reserved for Tuesdays & Wednesdays. WHY? We are NOT a retailer. Our shop operates on a schedule designed for Events.

Here is a typical example of what a week looks like for us (on behalf of a client)

Sundays: Post Event duties

Mondays: Closed

Tuesday: New Client Consultations/ in-office work

Wednesdays: New Client Consultations/ in-office work/ non floral design work for Saturday


Thursdays: Begin Floral Designs for Saturdays

Fridays: Complete Floral Design for Saturday


So, you can see, we insist on giving our clients our dedicated attention on the week of their event, no later than Wednesday on. So, unless it's an emergency, we typically do not schedule new meetings or work on quotes. 

If you are a current client, we schedule based on need, and of course, we're always a text or email away!


What to expect for a consultation? To save us both time, we have a questionnaire to give you before we meet. It is very detailed;  so many questions it will seem exhausting, but I promise, it is worth it! You will bring it with you, or send in advance of your in-person consultation.

How long is our consultation? That can vary, depending on the services you need. For most of our clients, I would set aside 90 minutes.

What's next? Once I get an idea about what you want, I get to work on  proposals that are tailored with your design concepts in mind. Typically I offer my clients three options based on the details they provide me with:

Option 1) what I call the Fairy Tale Proposal, it's everything in your dream, as if money grew on trees!

Option 2) a modified version of the Fairy Tale, my more is less version


Option 3) I take the Dream you have, scale it down based on my experience, to what I think will be the most important to make your vision come to life, with less of what you can live without, on a budget!



Custom Floral: Services

Floral Arrangements and Centerpieces

We have worked with many vessel styles, from wood boxes to stunning 30 inch tall glass pieces. 

Before choosing your centerpiece, check out our Blog, where you'll find insights about how to choose the right centerpiece for your occasion and venue. 

We offer rental options too, with several centerpiece vessel choices. This is a high demand option, especially for those busy professionals who want to wow their guests at the reception, yet don't want to hassle with having all the stuff left over afterwards. This is also a terrific option for those who are on a tighter budget and want the beautiful presence of fresh floral at their tables. 

Remember, it's our goal to find ways to get you the dream?

Well...BOOK A CONSULTATION, This time with you is very valuable, you will get priceless advice that you won't get elsewhere.

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